At the BRO’s buffet, you will find traditional Christmas dishes, with an emphasis on domestic ingredients and local food this year. We have lowered the maximum number of seats in the restaurant, we pay attention to the high level of hygiene in the buffet and each party always has its own tables. It is safe for you to come and enjoy the delicacies of Christmas!

Christmas buffet served:

  • 24.12 | 15.30-22.00
  • 25.12 | 18.00-21.00

Price: adults 64 €, children 0-4 0 €, 5-8 32 €

For appetizer, we recommend Christmas flavors:

Ginger Blossa € 8.90
Ginger Ginger
Blossom mulled wine

Sparkling Glögi € 9.50
Bio Bio Spumante sparkling wine
Blossom mulled wine

Non-alcoholic mulled wine € 5.40



Selection of herrings L, G
Row from rainbow trout, red onion and sour cream L,G
Shrimp salad and rainbow trout row L, G
Fennel cured salmon with dill and mustard dressing M, G
Warm smoked whitefish with chive and cucumber yogurt L, G
Smoked duck with cranberry Cumberland dressing M, G
Rosemary roasted beetroots, blue cheese and pumpkin seeds G
Pickled root vegetables salad and lemon vinaigrette M, G, V
Fennel and apple salad with roasted pine nuts G, V, M
Mushroom salad L, G
Rosolli salas and beetroot cream L, G
Green salad and vinaigrette M, G, V
Christmas sausages and Strands christmas mustard L, G
Christmas ham, plums, peas and honey mustard M, G
Dill potatoes L, G
Bread selection, butter and cream cheese

Duck leg confit and dark orange sauce L, G
Roast of roe deer and cognac sauce L, G
Fish of the day with crayfish sauce L, G
Roasted musk pumpkin, beetroot quinoa and peanut sauce M, G, V
Thyme flavored vegetables M, G, V
Roasted potatoes and artichokes L, G
Carrot-, swede- and potato casserole L, G

Christmas cakes, chocolates and marmelades
Bûche de Noël – French christmas cakeL
Limemarinated fruits and licorice cream G, L
Finnish cheeses, fig jam and biscuits

L – lactose free
VL – low lactose
M – dairy free
G – gluten free
Our food may contain allergens


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Bookings for more than ten people through the sales service.
puh. 09 4272 2536

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