Exhibition information

Hilton Helsinki Airport – Exhibition information

The exhibitor is responsible for his stand, the exhibit elements and for cleaning. For every stand we offer one table size 120x45cm. A white table cloth is available for the table (by request). 
Room height differs and clients are advised to check with sales services for the height restrictions of specific rooms.
Nothing may be attached to the floors, ceiling or pillars. Should you require fixing some element to a part of the building, please discuss the matter with your Hilton Airport host. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage he may cause to the building or the exhibition area. The use of raised floors, stands and other structures as well as carpet- or duct tape is subject to separate negotiations. No painting allowed in the exhibition areas. Blu-tack and masking tape may be used on surfaces where they leave no trace.
The exhibition base map needs to be approved in advance by the sales department, latest 2 weeks before arrival. Please note emergency exits when planning the exhibition stands. Separate stands positioned in the aisles must leave at least one metre of free space around it.
Vehicles may be brought in to the exhibition area, subject to prior agreement with the hotel.
Vehicles require driving ramps, floor covers under the tyres (mat or similar) clean tyres etc, all subject to prior agreement. Vehicles can be brought in either through the Ballroom back door or through the main entrance of the hotel.

Ballroom entrance dimensions

  Back door Through the lobby
width 280 cm 190 cm
height 200 cm 210 cm

Transportation and storage

Bring in heavy materials and equipment through back entrance of the hotel, that is, the Ballroom back door.
In general, there is no storage space is available for large exhibits or other material. Our storage capacity is limited to one standard pallet 24h before the exhibition. The exhibitor is responsible for receiving, unloading and storing exhibition material as well as removing it after the exhibition.


Hilton Helsinki Airport is responsible for the routine cleaning of the exhibition area. You can ask the hotel representative about special cleaning of the exhibition stands and the cleanup after the exhibition; this is the responsibility of the exhibitor and is subject to a separate charge. Waste from exhibit construction and removal must be disposed of where indicated. Tape must be removed from walls and furniture.

Fire safety, general safety

The exhibitor should note matters concerning safety, including the following:
  • exits must be kept clear
  • only fire-resistant materials should be used (carpets and other fabrics)
  • flammable liquids and gases may not be stored or used in the building
  • the location of smoke and heat detectors

Electric power feeds and wiring

The exhibitor is responsible of electrical equipment brought to the stand. The normal stand charge includes max 2 sockets. Normal electric power (light current) free of charge. The use and billing of three-phase electric power is subject to a separate agreement.


Hilton Helsinki Airport is responsible for fire security and public order, but not for the security of exhibition materials, structures etc. and the exhibitor is responsible for any damage or theft unless otherwise agreed with Hilton Helsinki Airport.


The exhibitor shall take out any insurance he deems necessary. Hilton Helsinki Airport is not responsible for any stored property unless otherwise agreed. The liability insurance taken out by Hilton Helsinki Airport covers third party injury caused by the actions of the hotel staff or by hotel equipment or structures.


The exhibition arrangers and exhibitors shall obtain any official permits necessary. The exhibitor is responsible for any dues payable for copyrighted music played at their exhibit.
Direct sales at the exhibit permitted only by agreement.


Hilton Helsinki Airport has the exclusive right to run a restaurant on the premises. The exhibitors may not serve their own products apart from sweets or comparable products. We reserve the right to remove products or to debit a service charge where available products do not conform to the restrictions above.

More information

Booking department 09-4739 9908
Conference host 040- 1966214