Half board menus

Three course half board menus – Hilton Helsinki hotels

3 Course Half Board Menus

Menus are valid 5/2023–4/2024.
All menus include ice water, bread and spread

Menus for the period of 5/2024–4/2025 can be found end of this page

Baltic herring ceviche with malt bread croutons L

Grilled beef sirloin with caramelised onion L, G

Panna cotta, strawberry salad and basil L, G

Jerusalem artichoke and smoked reindeer salad with lingonberry vinaigrette L, G L, G

Smoked salmon, almond potato purèe L, G

Apple crumble and whipped mascarpone seasoned with cinnamon L

Toast Skagen L

Braised neck of lamb, caramelised apple and dark cider sauce L, G

Gooseberry posset with raspberries L, G

Finnish squeaky cheese salad and raspberry vinaigrette L, G

Glow-fried whitefish with creamed porcini L, G

White chocolate and raspberry trifle G

Grilled broccolini seasoned with ponzu, silken tofu mousse and wasabi L, G, V

Green Thai curry with vegetables and lentils L, G, V

Key lime pie with berries and coconut L, V

Entrées (between the appetiser and main course) €5
Gazpacho L, G
Crayfish cappuccino L, G

Entrée (between the main course and dessert)
Blackcurrant sorbet and sparkling wine M, G
A selection of Finnish cheeses, fruit compotes and biscuits

3 Course Half Board Menu

Menus are valid 5/2024–4/2025.
All menus include ice water, bread and spread

Fish plate and dill potatoes L, G

Grilled beef sirloin steak and fermented pepper sauce L, G

Vanilla panna cotta and berry salad L, G

Cold-smoked toast and dill mousse L

Grilled chicken breast and supreme sauce L, G

Chocolate cake and raspberry L

Creamy boletus soup and malt bread croutons L, G

Grilled salmon and warm tomato vinaigrette M, G

Baked oats with berries and vanilla creme L

Smoked apple salad and mayonnaise with lingonberry M, G

Charred whitefish, crab sauce and mashed potatoes M, G

Bread pudding with cloudberry and cinnamon cream L

MENU VEGETABLE (also available in vegan)
Cauliflower soup with caviart and archipelago style bread L

Baked celery and beans with hollandaise sauce with lovage L, G

Raspberry blueberry cake and berry compote M, G, V

Appetizers (between starter and main course) €5
Gazpacho soup L, G, V
Crab Cappuccino L, G

Appetizer (between main and dessert)
Blackcurrant sorbet and sparkling wine M, G, V
Finnish cheeses, berry compote and cookies

L – Lactose-free
G – Gluten-free
M – Dairy-free