Creative activities for meetings and events

A relaxed recycle and DIY workshop before, during or after the meeting reduces stress and enables innovation. Crafting together with colleagues improves co-operation and participants get to know each other from a new perspective. Doing it yourself is a rewarding experience. The collectively made and ecological product reminds participants of the event for a long time. The outcome of the workshop can be a communal artwork for the office or something that everyone makes for themselves.

The activities are lead by Tuunaajamutsi.
Activities available in Finnish, Swedish or English.
Prices starting from 790 €/per a group of 10 + cost of material and preparation + tax 24%

Reuse old jeans -workshop
1,5-2 h, suitable for 40 people

Did you know that old jeans can be reused completely, including every last scrap, thread, button and zipper? In this workshop you learn numerous ways of how to recycle old jeans and make trendy bowties and jewelry out of them.

Leather jewelry workshop
 1-2 h, suitable for max. 40 people

Leather is very easy to reuse. In this workshop necklaces, earrings, keychains or leather wristbands are made from pre-prepared, recycled leather and nickel-free jewelry parts.

Notebook binding workshop
1-2 h, suitable for 10-30 people

Writing meeting notes by hand helps to concentrate and assimilate information. In this workshop you can make your own ecological and unique notebook from excess paper and recycled leather using a medieval binding technique.

Origami workshop
1-1,5 h, suitable for max. 50 people

Japanese paperfolding, origami, requires coordination of hands, eyes and brain. In the introduction of the workshop you will learn the history of origami and how folding affects the mind. As origami material we will use excess paper, old company brochures etc. All origamis will be collected into an artistic mobile that will remind participants of the event in the office for a long time.

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