Go Team – A high-tech treasure hunt

A high-tech treasure hunt that turns Kalastajatorppa and Munkkiniemi District into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure. Installed on tablets, the Go Team app features a unique follow arrow that helps guide teams to their waypoints. Once members arrive at their destination, GPS-triggered challenges are issued to the teams in the form of questions, clues, and pictures that they will work on together to complete. Updates, feedback and scores are kept in real-time as teams progress through their amazing race.

Organizer Catalyst Finland
Duration1 – 3 hours
Language versions English, Finnish and Swedish
Indoor or outdoor activity, competitive and collaborative
Minimum 10 participants, maximum unlimited
Prices from 50 € /person / 100 participant + VAT 24 %

More information from our sales office or Catalyst Suomi / Seikkailu Oy seikkailu@seikkailu.fi