Day meeting for max 10 people

For meetings up to 10 people with delicious meeting catering. Our sales office will provide you with the daily changing menus.

START STRONG Morning Break

Your morning starts with a fresh “START STRONG” breakfast service close your meeting room, including filled bread or bagel, fresh porridge, chia pudding and homemade granola. Fruits, smoothies and health juices also bring energy to your morning. Drinks include also Fair Trade organic coffee & tea and orange juice.


Our most popular and varied lunch buffet. Our abundant buffet offers plenty to choose from to suit everyone’s taste. We offer fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. The lunch buffet includes a generous Fish Market, Green Market with fresh salads and vegetables and a wide selection of ward dishes

STAY STRONG Afternoon Break

Your meeting energy level is maintained up in the afternoon by healthy and fresh “STAY STRONG” catering. There are healthy snacks, refreshing drinks and sweet treats, as well as Fair Trade organic coffee and a wide selection of teas.


We have noted and marked special diets such as lactose-free, dairy-free or gluten-free in all of our catering. We offer also several vegetarian and vegan choices. We kindly ask you to inform the sales office in advance about any other food allergies.


As part of our Meet with Purpose meeting concept, we offer fresh and clean Finnish water in our meeting venues and restaurants. Thoreau  Water is locally produced and environmentally-friendly concept for serving water. Thoreau tap water is chilled and filtered and served still or sparkling. As a result, we can reduce the use of plastic bottles in our restaurants.

Conference Room hire for extra fee.

The hotel reserves the right to change the venue as well as the composition
of the coffee and lunch break list, depending on the number of guests.