Hilton Effect affects the world positively both locally and globally.

Responsibility is strongly reflected in what Hilton hotels in Finland do. All three Hilton hotels in Finland have been awarded the ISO 14001 environmental management standard promoted by SFS Finnish Standards. Hilton Helsinki Airport recycles 100% of its waste and together with Hilton Helsinki Strand both have been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Hilton affects many ways both locally and globally. Hilton Effect is what refers to the company’s transformative effect on the travel experience of more than three billion customers, the career opportunities of nearly ten million staff members, and the role of hotels in economic development for communities in 113 countries.

Launched in 2019 as part of Hilton’s 100th anniversary celebration, the Hilton Global Foundation (formerly known as the Hilton Effect Foundation) works to create a better world to travel, ensure a sustainable future for generations to come, and supercharge Hilton’s progress towards its 2030 Travel with Purpose Goals.

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Travel with Purpose

With Travel with Purpose, Hilton promotes sustainable tourism worldwide. Hilton is committed to doubling investments in social impact and halving its environmental impact by 2030. Our environmental and social impacts are regularly monitored in every Hilton hotel using the LightStay management system.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Nordic Swan Ecolabel guarantees that the hotel offers e.g. plenty of vegetarian food and organic products, prefers eco-labelled products and services, keeps energy and water consumption low and sorts and reduces the amount of waste. Scandic’s goal is to apply for Nordic Swan Ecolabel for all its hotels by the end of 2023. Hilton Helsinki Airport and Hilton Helsinki Strand have proudly carried the Nordic Swan Ecolabel sign for many years as proof of their actions for responsible tourism.

Sustainable Travel Finland programme

Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme provides companies and destinations with a concrete toolkit for developing sustainable tourism, which makes it easier to systematically adopt sustainable measures and choices into the everyday life of a region or company.

The Hilton Helsinki Airport hotel was awarded the STF label in February 2024.

Blue Energy

Blue Energy is part of Hilton Hotels and Resorts’ Hilton Purpose program and the hospitality of our hotels. It represents the passion of our team members to create unique experiences for our guests. Blue Energy represents a unique spirit of togetherness by creating meaningful moments for our guests and team members in the communities where we live and work.

Meet with Purpose

Meet With Purpose is a meeting concept with sustainable added value that supports the business aims of your company. Meet With Purpose promotes ecofriendly practises and offers balanced choises for meeting participants.

Minimizing food waste

Sustainable development has been a guiding principle in Hilton hotels for years. In addition to many internal procedures, great attention is paid to reducing food waste. By minimizing food waste, the hotel chain wants to do its best to create a sustainable food system.

The amount of food waste and biowaste has been systematically monitored and reduced in our hotels for several years through professional planning and staff training. As far as buffet servings are concerned, it has been possible to reduce wastage also through presentation, for example by timely serving and by optimizing the size of serving dishes.