Sustainable Travel Finland

Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme, developed by Visit Finland, helps travel professionals to make more sustainable choices when creating travel itineraries to Finland. The STF program offers domestic tourism companies a sustainable tourism development model. The program facilitates the systematic adoption of responsible operating methods and offers tools for making sustainable measures and choices a part of the company’s everyday life.

Hilton Helsinki Airport is the first of our hotels to join the Sustainable Travel Finland program. The hotel was awarded the STF label in February 2024. The label is a definitive symbol of commitment towards sustainable practices and principles.

Entities granted the right to use the label meet at least the following sustainable tourism criteria:
1. A person coordinating sustainable practices has been selected in the company and a decision has been made to promote sustainable travel
2. The company has recognizably increased its expertise in sustainable travel
3. The company has a sustainable travel action plan and related monitoring
4. The company communicates truthfully about sustainable practices
5. The company has a certificate promoting sustainable practices
6. The company has demonstrably promoted sustainable travel for at least one year and is committed to national sustainable travel metrics
7. The company undertakes to regularly update the sustainable travel know-how, development plan, action table, indicator monitoring form and certificate, which are required to renew the STF label.