Late snacks

Hilton Helsinki Strand – Late snacks

Hilton Helsinki Strand – Late snacks

When your event continues late in the evening and your guests wish to have something salty to eat, our late snacks menu has good options

Vorschmack L, G 25,00 € (possibility to choose vegan version for the whole group)
Russian-style sour cream, beetroot, pickled gherkins, baked potato and baguette

Sausage and potatoes L, G 27,00 €
Selection of raw sausages
Roasted almond potatoes with rosemary and bacon-potato salad

Hot dog L 12,00 €
Served with cucumber salad, roasted onion, mustard and ketchup

Salads (choose two) baguette and spread 24,00 €
Caesar salad and grilled chicken L, G
Tomatoe and shrimp salad L, G
Bell pepper tofu panzanella salad V

V – Vegan
G – Gluten-free
L – Lactose-free
M – Milk free