Meeting Day

Koko päivän kokouspaketti

START STRONG Morning Break

Your morning begins with a refreshing START STRONG breakfast served near the meeting room, featuring filled sandwiches or bagels, a selection of bread and deli meats, fresh porridge, chia pudding, and house granola. Also available are fruits, smoothies, and health juice to energize your morning. Additionally, Fair Trade organic coffee/tea and orange juice are provided.

For lunch, you can choose from three options that best suit your group.

Lunch Buffet

Our most popular and diverse lunch offering. From a plentiful buffet selection, there is something for everyone according to individual preferences. We offer fresh, local, and seasonal dishes. The lunch buffet includes a plentiful seafood table, a fresh Green Market vegetable stand, and a Chefs Station for meat/chicken main courses.

Get Together

When you want to socialize, network, and move around during lunch, the catering is set up near the meeting room. In addition to refreshing salads and light fish dishes, there are warm buffet options as well as vegetarian alternatives.

Roll In

An easy buffet service allows for an efficient lunch option for smaller groups, with flexibility to fit your meeting schedule. Roll In catering is brought to the meeting room at a specified time.

STAY STRONG Afternoon Break

To maintain your meeting momentum in the afternoon, enjoy a healthy and refreshing STAY STRONG refreshment break. Available are nutritious snacks, refreshing beverages, sweet treats, Fairtrade organic coffee, and a wide selection of tea.

Special Diets

Special dietary needs such as lactose-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free options are accommodated and labeled in all our offerings. We also provide vegetarian and vegan alternatives in our meeting catering. Please inform us in advance of any dietary restrictions.

Thoreau Water

In line with our Meet with Purpose meeting concept, we offer pure Finnish water in our meeting rooms and restaurants. Thoreau Water is an environmentally friendly water system that provides filtered and locally sourced water. Water is served either sparkling or still, according to preference. This allows us to reduce the use of plastic bottles in our restaurants.

Space and Technology

  • Meeting room (8 hours)
  • Projection screen and flip chart
  • Projector
  • Notepads and pens on side table
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access
  • Business Center access
  • Parking for the host/hostess of the event
  • Cloakroom service
  • Coffee, tea, and iced water available throughout the day