Whatever the occasion, Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa has the expertise and range of venues to bring your event to life – from the intimate parties to large dinners and cocktailparties.  In the summertime the private garden is ideal for receptions and outdoor events.

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa floorplan
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Conference and Events Center

Pyöreä Sali
Pyöreä Sali – the Round Room – is an iconic and elegant venue for parties,
gala dinners and receptions. Dinner service accomodates 350 guests
on two floors.

Siirtomaasali 1-2 ja Merisali 1-2
Siirtomaasali banguet room is adaptable venue for large events from cocktail parties to banquet events and can accommodate up to 500 guests. Stunning sea views fill the space with day light and bring up the atmosphere.

Merisali banquet room is suitable venue for larger banquet dinners. Large windows fill the room with daylight and the sea views and access to the terrace give the feeling of space for larger events.

Vanha Torppa
Vanha Torppa venue is ideal for banquet dinners and family gatherings.
The historical environment gives a personal touch to special occasions.
In the summertime the party can enjoy welcome drinks or barbeque buffets outside on the terrace.

Conference & Events Center floorplan streetlevel
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Conference & Events Center floorplan groundfloor pohjakerros
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Oiva report, Conference Feb 2021

Capacities and measurements of the meeting rooms and event venues

Lataa tilaesittelymme PDF-muodossa / Download the conference fact sheet in PDF format