When your event continues late in the evening and your guests wish to have something salty to eat, our late snacks menu has options from hot dogs and sushi to popular casserole dishes.

Gratin of your choice (choose one) 19.80 € per person
Anchovy and potato gratin L, G
Smoked reindeer and leek gratin L, G
Salmon and chanterelle gratin L, G
MiFU and beetroot gratin (MiFU is a milk-based meat substitute) L, G
Served with beetroot, spiced pickled gherkins and baguette

Vorschmack L, G 25,00 €
Russian-style sour cream, beetroot, pickled gherkins, baked potato and baguette

Sausage and potatoes L, G 27,00 €
Lamb bratwursts M, G
Ibérico chorizo sausages G
Reindeer sausages M, G
Roasted almond potatoes with rosemary and bacon and potato salad

Filled pita bread L (choose one) 14,00 €
Pulled pork
Oumph! (Bean-based vegan strips)
Served with mint yoghurt and kimchi mayonnaise

Hot dog L 11,00 €
Served with cucumber salad, roasted onion, mustard and ketchup

Salads (choose two) baguette and spread 24,00 €
Caesar salad and grilled chicken L, G
Chorizo and potato salad G
Prawn and malted bread salad L, G
Manchego cheese and sun-dried tomato salad L, G
Smoked salmon and rice noodle salad M, G

G – Gluten-free
L – Lactose-free