Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Nordic Swan Ecolabel for two Hilton hotels

Hilton Helsinki Strand and Hilton Helsinki Airport have had the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for years. In 2023 hotels updated their Swan Labels according to new, stricter criteria. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel indicates hotels’ strong commitment to responsible travel.

Swan Ecolabel complements Hilton’s Travel with Purpose program

Hilton Travel with Purpose program promotes sustainable travel worldwide. Hilton is committed to doubling investments in social impact and halving its environmental impact by 2030. Our environmental and social impacts are regularly monitored in every Hilton hotel through the LightStayn management system.

The criteria for the Swan Ecolabel have been tightened

The criteria of Nordic Swan Ecolabel for hotel and accommodation services were renewed last year, as a result of which the criteria have been tightened and completely new requirements have been introduced. According to a recent consumer survey, 94 percent of Finns recognize the Swan Ecolabel brand.

Hilton hotels in Finland are operated by Scandic Hotels Oy. Scandic has chosen the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as its environmental label, because its stricter criteria than other certifications challenge a holistic approach in environmental work. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel guarantees that, among other things, the hotel offers plenty of vegetarian dishes and organic products, favors eco-labeled products and services, keeps energy and water consumption low, and sorts and reduces the amount of waste.