Party organizer guide

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa – Party organizer guide


We are glad that you are planning a party at the Hilton Kalastajatorppa hotel.
On this page, we’ve put together a lot of practical information that will make your party planning easier.
Our sales team is also happy to help with any additional questions.

Use of the function room

The function room is at your disposal for 7 hours, additional hours 450 €/starting hour, (additional hour charge always also after 24:00).
The last drinks are served half an hour before the end of the party.
In accordance with the liquor legislation, a security supervisor is required if the party continues after 02:00.
1 supervisor/100 guests, minimum charge Mon–Sat 620 €/4h, Sundays & public holidays 1240 €/4h

Decorations and gifts

You may bring your own decorations into the function room that do not damage the space’s furniture or walls.
The use of confetti cannons is not allowed. The space can be decorated no earlier than two hours before the start of the event.
Earlier access is possible if there are other events in the Conference & Event building, and the staff is there.
Earlier styling is also possible for an additional charge of 155 €/hour.
Decorations and gifts are asked to be collected by the party people at the end of the party.
If you wish, you can store the items at the hotel reception’s storage room, where you can pick them up the next day.
The goods can also be unloaded on the next business day, provided that there are no other events in the function room.
Hilton team members do not collect decorations/gifts.

Sound reproduction, background music and performers

Upon request, we offer a maximum of 3 wireless handheld microphones free of charge. Microphones are only suitable for voice reproduction. If a band performs at your party, they would need to bring their own sound systems. In this case, it is good to use the band’s microphones also for possible general speeches. The band can arrive and do a sound-check no earlier than 2 hours before the start of the party. After the party ends, the band unloads their belongings. If the unloading takes longer than half an hour from the end of the party, we charge 155 €/starting hour until the staff has taken care of the final cleaning of the facilities (Sunday/holidays 310 €/starting hour). Alternatively, demolition can also be done without additional charge on the next business day, provided that there are no other events in the space. The hotel is not responsible for musical instruments/goods left on the premises. Calm background music from Hilton’s sound system can be played in the function room.

Upon request, we offer a video projector and a screen free of charge.


There is a stage available in the Pyöreä Sali (Round hall). We charge 450 € for removing the stage.


You have the opportunity to order flowers through our partner. You can also use your own flower supplier and the flowers can be delivered in advance to Kalastajatorppa’s flower refrigerator.
Delivery will be agreed separately closer to the event. If desired, the staff of Kalastajatorppa can place the flowers on tables according to the instructions given in advance.

Function room table format

The shape of the table in the room will be planned together with our sales team. Below, you can find some examples of the floor maps of the rooms, these can be considered as a basis when planning the table set-up.

Table map of the Pyöreä Sali
Table map of the Merisali
Table map of the Siirtomaasali
Table map of the Vanha Torppa

The Pyöreä Sali is basically set-up with long tables according to the map. If you want long tables to be removed, the additional cost is 100 €/employee/starting hour.
The lower floor of the hall can also be furnished with round tables (maximum 10 tables with 10 seats each), additional price 1200 €.
The service must be ordered at least 4 weeks before the event.

The table map of the function room needs to be delivered to the sales team no later than 2 weeks before the party.

Menu and place cards or gifts for visitors

You have the opportunity to order menu and place cards through our partner.
The customer first accepts the price estimate, after which a test print of the menu card is made.
You can also bring your own printed materials to Kalastajatorppa.
If you wish, the staff can assist you in displaying the printed materials, the charge is 155 €/starting hour.
If the place cards are set on the tables by the staff, the cards must be in the correct order by table,
and it must be clearly indicated where the placement starts and in which direction to proceed.
The service must be ordered at least 4 weeks before the event.

Placing menu cards or guest gifts on the tables does not cost separately if the card/gift is the same for everyone.

Contact person on the day of the event

In order for the event to go well on the actual day of the party, we need the contact information of the master of ceremonies.
We hope that you will inform us of one designated person who will communicate with the butler on practical matters on the day of the celebration.

Party Schedule

The party schedule will be delivered to our sales team no later than 2 weeks before the party.

Speeches during the celebration

Speeches are a festive and valued part of the celebration. We wish that there will be no speeches/program between serving the starter and the main course.

Special diets

Special diets are requested to be announced no later than 2 weeks before the event. We request both the person’s name and information about the special diet.
Adding or changing special diets closer to the event must be confirmed separately through our sales team.

Menu selection

For the event, one menu is chosen for the entire party. Special diets are taken into account separately as announced in advance.
Possible special dishes are planned based on the special diets of the entire party.

Beverage service

We ask you to inform us in advance the beverage service amount, both for starters and food drinks.

Children’s food and prices

Children under 5 eat free of charge and children between 5 and 12 eat at half price when they enjoy the same menu as adult guests.
A single main course for children can be chosen from the children’s menu at no extra charge.

Wedding cake

We order wedding cakes through our partner. Bringing cakes from other pastry shops requires submitting an Oiva report of the supplier at least 2 weeks before the party.
During delivery, the cold chain must remain unbroken. We also charge a separate catering fee for cakes delivered from outside supplier.


The minimum number of people for a separate bar is 30 people.
Our butlers decide the number of bars of the event, and where the bars will be built.
Wishes for the number of bars are accepted, but confirmed only after the butler has confirmed the number.

Minimum purchase at a separate bar:

  • the minimum purchase for a bar with soft drinks is 150 €/hour/bar
  • a bar with a selection of cocktails, the minimum purchase is 4 hours, 600 €/bar

Open bar = all costs of the bar go to the joint bill. There is no minimum purchase limit in the open bar.
In the function room, drinks are sold on the spot to the tables only if the drinks go to the total bill of the event (also for events of less than 30 people).
Only card payment is accepted in all bars, cash is also accepted in the Aquarium bar

Garden and terrace areas

A beautiful garden area is available to all our guests. The terraces may be used for several occasions at the same time and the terraces cannot be limited to private use.
Our terrace have patio furniture for our guests. Higher tables and larger tents can be rented through our partner.