Exhibiting and construction of stands

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa – Guidance for exhibiting and construction.

Exhibiting and construction of stands

The exhibitor is responsible for his own stand for erecting, decorating and cleaning. .

Floor load capacity in Siirtomaasali, Merisali, State Room and Conference & Events Center in the lobby is 500kg / m2. Height restrictions may vary and we kindly ask you to check the limitations with the Sales Department.

No fixtures or mounted items should be attached to floor, walls, ceiling and pillars. For any mounting needs should be negotiated separately with the Conference Host at Kalastajatorppa. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage caused to the building or the exhibition area. Raised floor, exhibition and roof constructions as well as carpet fittings with duct tape should be discussed separately. Painting the exhibition booth is prohibited. Blue sticker and the masking tape may be used on surfaces from which they come off without leaving a trace. The exhibition base map needs to be approved in advance by the sales department, latest 2 weeks before arrival. Please note emergency exits when planning the exhibition stands.

Corridor areas may be used for exhibition points, however, so that the there is at least 1 meter free space around the exhibition point.

When using the exhibition area for car shows, details of entering the cars need to be agreed in advance. Cars need to have entrance ramps and area under the clean tires needs to be protected (cardboard or carpet).

Freight transport and storage

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa has a loading dock, which is in direct contact with the freight elevator. The lift inside dimensions are: width 100 cm door, the door height of 198 cm, the length of the lift 230cm. Lift has loading capacity of 1600 kg. Merisali loading dock maximum width is 93 cm and a height 199 cm.

The storage space for exhibitions or other consignments is limited. The exhibitor is responsible for receiving their belongings, unloading, storage, and transport of material after the show.


Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa is responsible for general cleaning of the exhibition areas. Special cleaning of stands and the exhibition area can me agreed with the hotel against a separate quotation and fee charged. The trash from building the stands and demolition of the area belongs to the exhibitor’s responsibilities. Any tape or such should be removed from the walls and the furniture immediately.

Fire and other safety

The exhibitor must pay attention to the following security matters:
– Escape routes must be kept clear of obstruction
– Use only fire-safe building materials (carpet and fabrics)
– Flammable liquids and gases should not be stored or used
– Smoke or heat detectors locations are to be respected

Electricity and electrical work

The exhibitor is responsible for any electrical equipment brought to the space Plug places are free of charge up to 2 units / exhibition period Normal power consumption at no extra charge. For power consumption (more than 6 kW / h) the charge is 0,12 € / kw / h.


Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa is responsible for fire security and public order, but not for any damage or loss of the stand, goods, structures etc. unless a separate agreements has been made with Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa.


The exhibitor must ensure that it has taken into account necessary insurance liabilities. Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa is not responsible for goods left in storage unless the property has made a separate agreement with the hotel.

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa has its’ own insurance to cover any necessary measures regarding the staff or equipment and buildings and any damage caused to third party.

Regulatory and other permits

Exhibition organizer and the exhibitor shall be obliged to purchase on their own expense all necessary regulatory approvals. The exhibitor shall be responsible for music fees required by copyright law. Direct sales of goods is permitted only if agreed upon separately.


Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa has the exclusive right to provide catering services. The exhibitor is not entitled to self-serve stand from which they import products with the exception of the exhibitor’s own little candy or comparable products. We reserve the right to remove the products or to charge up the device of the products service charge, if they do not meet the above guidelines.

For more information, please call
Sales Office 09-4739 9380 
Meeting Host 09 – 4851 2140 (furniture and technical arrangements)
Conference Service Supervisor 09 – 45811 2137