Mother´s Day Lunch at Pizzorante BRO

Celebrate mother with a delicious lunch at Pizzorante BRO on May 12, 2024.

Settings between 12 PM and 3 PM
Price 50 € / adult, children 4-12 yrs 20 € anf children under 5 yrs free of charge.

Mother’s Day Brunch 2024


Caesar salad L, G
Green salad and lemon vinaigrette V, M, G
Taboulleh V, M
Balsamic-marinated mushrooms V, M, G
Italian bean salad V, M, G
Valencia salad M, G
Chilli cucumbers V, M, G
Salami G
Tzatsiki L, G
Hummus V, M, G
Shrimp ceviche M, G
Ginger-marinated salmon M, G
Herring and Baltic herring selection M, G


Croissants and marmalade
Bread selection, tapenade and butter L
Truffle and spring onion omelette L, G
Fried bacon M, G
Veal bratwurst M, G


Roasted whitefish and white wine sauce with citrus L, G
Caponata V, M, G
Roasted potatoes V, M, G


Chocolate-berry trifle L, G
Mother’s Day cake L
Cheese selection VL, G


Green smoothie V, M, G
Orange, apple and lingonberry juice V, M, G
Coffee and tea V, M, G


French fries V, M, G
Sweet potato mashed potatoes L, G
Frankfurters L
Fried salmon and tomato sauce M, G




L – Lactose-free
M – Milk-free
G – Gluten-free
V – Vegan
VL – Low in lactose


Groups of more than 10 people – book via our sales office: or tel. +358 9 4739 9910

Table reservations for less than 10 people can be made here. Start by choosing the number of people…

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