Travel with Purpose

Travel with Purpose is Hilton’s global sustainable travel program.

Through Travel with Purpose, Hilton’s strategy is to promote and redefine sustainable travel worldwide. We are committed to doubling investments in social impact and halving our environmental impact by 2030.

LightStay – award-winning ESG system

We track, analyze and report our environmental and social impact at each of Hilton’s more than 6,400 hotels through LightStay, our award-winning Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management system.

Travel with Purpose unites our organization around global issues, connecting our business to society and focusing our efforts where we can have the greatest social and environmental impact. It also allows us to participate in a meaningful way to help the international community achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Environmental impact

We strive to operate and grow sustainably while reducing the consumption of natural resources. With climate action and responsible planning and management of the resources of the target area, we intend to pave the way to a carbon-neutral future for our company and the global travel and tourism industry.

Social impact

Our ongoing mission is to advance human opportunity, both for our Hilton team members and our communities around the world. In addition, we focus and commit to actions to pursue diversity, equality and inclusion, and to protect human rights..