When your event continues late in the evening and your guests wish to have something salty to eat, our late snacks menu has options from hot dogs and sushi to popular casserole dishes.

Select one of the following casseroles  19,80 € per person
Jansson’s temptation – potato and anchovy casserole L,G
Smoked reindeer and leek casserole L,G
Salmon and dill casserole L,G

Served with pickled beets, pickled cucumber and baguette

Kalastajatorppa Vorschmack L, G 24,00 €
Served with smetana, pickled beets, salt pickles, baked potato and baguette

Finnish cheese tray L, G 26,00 €
Aura Gold blue cheese, matured emmental and Viinitarhuri cheese
Walnut jam, sea buckthorn berry marmalade and crackers

Sushi L, G 22,00 €
Nigiri and maki sushi 4 / person
Ginger, soya and wasabi

Hot Dog L 11,00 €
Chopped pickles, toasted onion, mustard and ketchup

G – Gluten-free
L – Lactose-free