Ballroom 1-2
Stylish ballroom is an ideal venue for gala dinners and cocktail parties for up to 280 people. Ballroom’s beautiful chandeliers with a choice of different coloured lights create an elegant ambiance in the evening. During daytime the venue has plenty of day light with views over to the sea. Ballroom can be divided into two smaller spaces with a wall.

Ariadne 1-4
Ariadne 1-4 meeting rooms on the second floor can be merged into one big event venue for a cocktail party with high-tables or for an event for a smaller group with round tables. Wellamo lobby next to the meeting rooms can be included to your event for a cocktail party of up to 180 people.

Floor plan 2nd floor
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Event venue measurements and sizes
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Meeting room capacities and measurements

Lataa tilaesittelymme PDF-muodossa / Download the conference fact sheet in PDF format